How to Shape & Improve Your Company Culture with Branded Merch


What comes to mind when you think of your company culture? Is it defined or unclear? Formal or casual? Is it everything you want it to be? Whether or not you’re sure, consider this:


Companies with a strongly established culture have turnover rates of just 13.9%, compared to 48.4% at those without. Company culture is what gets employees to stick around. Employee retention is important for teambuilding and for your bottom line. And culture matters now more than ever, with company reputations easily researched on the internet. Can something so important really be influenced by branded merchandise?

The answer is a definitive “yes!” Branded or logoed items, when used strategically, are an effective way to help company culture grow and develop in your desired direction. Here are a few examples of what branded items can do for your company’s culture.


Build Team Camaraderie

•   When every member of your team has a matching branded item, be it something wearable like a sweatshirt, or usable like a tumbler, they instantly have something in common. Company “swag” fosters a team mindset and highlights unity among your team members. It makes team members easily identifiable to each other and others outside your company, building camaraderie and community.


Make Great Impressions

•   Your brand’s logo on a retail quality or name-brand product speaks volumes. It associates your brand with quality and trendiness, so it has the benefit of boosting your reputation as an employer. When your employees’ networks see that your company treats employees as valued team members, more talent will want to work for you! Try this with name-brand jackets or tech items, logoed and gifted to your employees.


Foster a Welcoming Environment for New Hires

•   Getting the gift of company merch on their first day on the job makes new employees instantly feellike a part of the team. Help them feelat home and be productive with branded essentials like pens, a notebook, a water bottle, tech items, and desk accessories. A t-shirt or bag makes a great gift too and will give them a chance to sport your logo outside the office.


Establish Company Values

•   Your company merch can feature more than just a logo. Find a place to include your company mission and values – this serves as a great reminder for employees to remember why they do what they do. Some sports teams do this by cleverly including a rallying cry on apparel near the hem or on a sleeve. Try listing your mission statement or core values inside the cover of a notebook or planner – employees willsee it often and be inspired each time they do.


Make Current Employees FeelAppreciated

•   Remind employees that they’re valued team members with a periodicgift. The holiday season is a great time to gift apparelor larger items, but smaller occasions are great too: Valentine’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day on March 6th, the start of Spring, Labor Day, and so on. Create a culture of gratitude and appreciation at your company and these values are sure to shine through.



Main Takeaways

Your company culture is something you can mold and develop over time with many different factors, including branded company merchandise. Making employees feelappreciated is just one of the benefits to company culture – your branded merch will also drive team camaraderie, increase brand recognition, and can be used to highlight your values and mission. Decide what aspects of your company culture you want to accentuate and choose items for your team that will contribute to this. Need help selecting items? Reach out to us for product recommendations and project guidance!